Ansible Playbooks for ROR

Here are some playbooks I have been holding back for a bit. I was hoping to have a chance to make them easily consumable by anyone who wished to run them, but no such luck at the moment.

So I have included 3 playbooks; 2 are task based and the last is role based.
All of these playbooks are directed to solve the same problem:

  • Created to work with Vagrant and AWS EC2 environments
  • The EC2 versions are directed to dynamically provision the vpc, sec groups, and targeted instances
  • The stack is basically: Centos, Nginx, RVM, shortbread, Ruby2, MySQL, Graphite, Boundary, and Nagios
  • Features: db create, update, dump; ssh motd updates, ntp, and backup to S3 bucket.

Here is the entire Automation tools Link.



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