My personal sites of interest:

demo: (git:


Current Focus:

—-currently switching between the following books—-

—-near future reading—

—-[got style?]—-
Google Style Guide – Python

—-Google Cloud Services—-
Google Developers Console!!!

—-Google Cloud tutorials + information—-
Compute Deep Dive – Samples & Videos

Google Cloud Tutorials!!!!!!

AngularJS + Cloud Endpoints Solutions

Google Cloud Platform – How to Use

Google Cloud APIs-explorer

—-Google Cloud Community—-
Google Cloud Community

Google Cloud G+ Community

Google Cloud Youtube Channel

—-Google App Engine—-
App Engine – Python Docs

App Engine Docs – “Begin Quickstart”

App Engine – Playground (sandbox)

Google App

Google App

Google App Engine – Python – Memcache API
—-> Google App Engine.Python.service.Memcache – Best Practices

—-Google Cloud SDK (gcloud tool)—-
Google Cloud SDK install on Ubuntu 15.04

Google Cloud SDK – Home

Google Cloud SDK – gcloud tool guide

Google gcloud compute docs

Recently frequented:!4422!3!73823329602!p!!g!!aws%20redshift&ef_id=VFMwJwAABYKPb-Mb:20150907071356:s



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